By Michael Lagace

as i stared at her crying figure
i could feel her tears as if they were my own
emotions washed over and through me
like a desolate canal
as my eyes stared intently at her beautiful hands
clutched together holding something
like the darkness holding her

she was crying desperately
and i felt shame
i thought i could cry myself

she looked at me
her lips formed words she never said
and she raised her clenched hands towards me

i became scared

not for me
not for her

all i saw in the room was a tear from her cheek
falling and falling like a graceful swan to the water
but it never hit the ground
i see darkness and i hurt

and for the first time since i could see
i saw clearly
and cried

not for her
for me

i was careless, she was brittle
and now we are both broken