A long time ago…

I was born in a small town in Northern Alberta, and in my earliest memories I had an urge to create. No matter what it was, I wanted to make it. This resulted in stories, songs, treehouses, and hours upon hours of photocopying my own comics after school. This interest exploded when my parents bought a computer. I taught myself some programming, some web coding, some this, some that, and then after high school I got a job at the local newspaper. This changed everything. Every day I was building ads and putting pages together, and then I was rewarded with seeing them in print. It was incredible.

This fascination lead me to pursue some more schoolin’ and then, to date, nearly 15 years in the print industry. And all this time, my urge to create was never quite satisfied. I kept writing stories and songs and jotting down any ideas that came to me. In the past year, these interests finally became a focused ambition, and now the results are what you see sprawling across this site.

Today I am married and living in Vancouver, and I have created this site not only as an outlet for my work, but also to show how I might help you with yours. In the Services section you will find a whole bunch of things I can do. In the Comics section, and the Writing section, you’ll find other things I can do. Beyond this, there are a few other things and I’m sure they will be added in time. For now, please enjoy what’s here.

Thank you for reading.

Michael R. Lagace
April, 2014