Thinking Of You

Lyrics, March 22, 2010 at 10h22

You say you don’t feel the way you did when I first met you
Things change, that’s always the way it is; I’ll try to forget you
And if my eyes should happen to meet yours, please ignore me
Love is never a one way street, so don’t you adore me

As days pass, the feelings we have don’t last, there’s changes of weather
And sometimes I wish we had had that chance to lay there together
We’ve grown old and now know what we want
It’s too late to want you
My old mind, I’ve finally made it up
Do you think I forgot you?

What are you thinking?
You know I’m thinking of you

Weight On Our Shoulders

Lyrics, March 18, 2010 at 11h04

Written by Michael Lagace

Bright in the night, see it light up the skies
A blood red moon soon to silence the cries
This morning brings a warning, reminding us why
Mourning is the only thing that’s humane in dying
Riding to the sunset go the victor, the spoils
Leaping over legions of the lifeless but loyal
Leave behind a legacy of sorrow in soil
Seeds for family trees diseased with turmoil
Time heals wounds, but too slow to rely on
Intolerance breeds, war is on the horizon
And it’s not surprising: war makes cents
In the sense it takes money to assassinate men
They say God made us all in his likeness
Does that mean His kingdom is exactly like this?
Kids growing up knowing nothing but violence
So used to explosions, they’re scared of the silence?
Fresh young minds must be taught to hate
Carefully corrupted, a clockwork grape
And they walk through faith hoping angels await
But finally get to Heaven and have to pray at the gates

Bourbon Street

Lyrics, February 26, 2010 at 06h55

Written by Michael Lagace

“I’m going down Bourbon Street again,” she says
Her beautiful eyes radiate with no regret
She stops awhile, sober in the cold night air
She hides inside a darkness only she will wear

I say, “Now girl, don’t you get ahead of me
Lately I am not the king that I can be.”
Reign begins unthroned, she stares back at me
A step or two then three just out of my reach


Lyrics, February 13, 2010 at 04h20

Written by Michael Lagace

I ran from you, you asked me to
Now you’re absent through my mind; have I imagined you?
You manic muse, romantic ruse
When your candle fuse burns out then I can handle you

Hey hey, I’m hiding from you
Hey hey, I’m found
Hey hey, I might bring trouble but I’m a new man now

Always With You

Lyrics, February 7, 2010 at 08h15

Written by Michael Lagace

It’s been such a long day
I feel so hollow
You don’t have to go, babe
‘Cause I won’t follow
Didn’t get the chance to say
Those things I wanted
These dreams make me so afraid
That I feel haunted

Floataway (Leave This Place)

Lyrics, February 2, 2010 at 06h55

Written by Michael Lagace

I’m not standing in the shadows, I’m part of them
It’s too late to save me, I’m too damn honest
What good is life if you never learn nothing?
What good is love if you never share your loving?

And why can’t I float away?
And why can’t I leave this place?

Nothing I touch ever turns to gold and fortune
There’s nothing worth getting from anything I’ve gotten
And everything I do seems like a million eyes are watching
I’m not bleeding on the sidewalk but I’m going through the motions

And why can’t I float away?
And why can’t I leave this place?

The first song I completely wrote, riff to lyrics, on a cold, lonely Sunday afternoon.

Paper Planes

Lyrics, January 25, 2010 at 01h53

These lyrics are my rewrite for a cover of M.I.A.’s song Paper Planes, played in a folksy way.

I fly like paper, get high like planes
If you catch me on the corner, I’ve got more than just my name
Don’t come around here unless I get paid
Shoot off at the mouth and I’ll shoot off at the brain

Sometimes I think sitting on trains
Every stop I get to I’m clocking that game
Everyone’s a winner, I’m dealing out fame
Bonafide hustler making my name

Are You Pretty Today?

Lyrics, January 22, 2010 at 06h55

Written by Michael Lagace

I’d kiss all your scars if you asked me to
But would that be healing or distracting you
From a life you feel you’re passing through?
I hold you close and collapse with you

What else would you have me do?
I can’t sit back and detach from you
And if you run I’ll run after you
You’re beautiful but tragic too

And oh I think you’re great
Tell me darling, are you pretty today?

Waiting For You

Lyrics, January 15, 2010 at 06h55

Written by Michael Lagace

I can look so deep inside your eyes
But I can’t see what’s on your mind
You carefully conceal your smile
And won’t reveal that you feel at all

Does it help you sleep at night
To lay so silent by my side?
Or do you believe your feelings lie?
Between us like some demon you can’t fight

And you’ve got me waiting, waiting for you
You’re often changing and fading from view
You’ve gotten shaky, are you afraid of the truth?
You forsake me but you’re dangerous too

No Way Out

Lyrics, January 10, 2010 at 10h10

Written by Michael Lagace

Through the stillness of the silence, hear the shrillness of the violence ring out
The guiltless live the finest on the blood of men that might just give out
Hear the chorus of the soldiers enforcing their orders to lay down
In our age of disorder will xenophobic borders break down?

I see many doors but no way out