Why Bother? by Michael Lagace

Posted on August 12, 2009 at 07h59
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It’s been fiercely frustrating having conversations about animal rights lately. I have been offering myself to answer questions that friends might have, expecting to be asked about protein sources and such. But what I’ve found is that most of my otherwise rational and compassionate friends simply do not get it. While there are some genuine questions, the most frequent are ridiculous. What about insects, are they animals? What about plants, aren’t they alive? What’s wrong with eggs, and cheese, and milk, animals aren’t killed for that?

Vegans are scary. We must be, people treat us with such hostility. Continued…

The Song is Life by Michael Lagace

Posted on July 29, 2009 at 03h19
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The beliefs of omnivores have been so carefully constructed that despite how obvious its flaws, we do not question them. In elementary school, you learn about the four required food groups. You learn that protein comes from the muscle tissue of animals, but for one reason or another, they don’t mention broccoli, or bananas, or beans. We are taught not to inflict pain on other living creatures, and so we don’t. We let anyone else do it for us. And so there is a disassociation between the product and the cruelty. A child that tortures a dog is sent to therapy, as would be a child that tortures a cow. But if we move that cow into a factory it becomes a product, and despite there being no difference in suffering, we do not question that this conflict arises. If we did, we might wonder why we value certain living animals more than others. We might see the extent of our selective compassion for life. Continued…

The Vegetarian Option by Michael Lagace

Posted on June 27, 2009 at 09h21
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Any restaurant owner that doesn’t have at least one vegetarian entrée on their menu does not know how to run a restaurant. It’s happened three times in the past months that I’ve left a restaurant because of this. Three different salads just don’t cut it; neither does having a main dish with a vegetarian option, which is basically leave out the meat and replace it with nothing. Vegetarianism isn’t a passing fancy; it’s a movement that is gaining popularity. And a business that doesn’t take this into consideration is out of touch with reality.

Direct and Indirect Consequences by Michael Lagace

Posted on June 12, 2009 at 09h29
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There are direct and indirect consequences to actions. One can perform a well-intentioned action and still have an indirect negative consequence, just as one can do something bad and indirectly do something good. We are not always, if ever, aware of indirect consequences because we are not actively looking for them; indeed, sometimes they can’t be seen unless pointed out. At these times it is easy to deny that we had any part in an indirect negative consequence, especially when we had good intentions. However, the success of our action is not determined by our intention, it is determined by the sum of its consequences. Continued…

Like Society by Michael Lagace

Posted on May 31, 2009 at 08h16

Have you noticed the word like making its irritating permanence in our vocabulary? It is almost completely synonymous with said. Everybody sounds like a valley girl when they talk. And this bugs the hell out of me.

Among other uses, like can be used informally to indicate dialogue as reported speech, which indicates uncertainty. For example: when Angela says, “Jordan Catalano was like, ‘whatever.’ ” In this sense, we don’t really know what Jordan actually said, but it may have been “whatever.” We don’t know for sure because it’s an indefinite quote. Even if the words are actually correct, using like compromises its authenticity.

In our culture’s ongoing war over the human mind, we are continually losing these seemingly insignificant battles. Information comes from everywhere and there is so much to filter out that we often don’t. We remember what we must and store the rest as vague memory. It’s a stretch to imply that a simple misuse of a single word is the source of all our society’s crises, so naturally I’m not implying this at all. I’m identifying a symptom of an overall problem: spreading the resemblance of information is not the same as spreading information. This minor subconscious gaffe is not a source; it is an indicator. One of many. And it seeps into our society only to soften our foundation of knowledge.

A Brief Look At Idiocy by Michael Lagace

Posted on August 9, 2007 at 08h03

Consider for a moment the last time you thought to yourself, “why are there so many idiots in this world?” Well, ponder that rhetorical question no more! I have the answer, and it’s so simple that even an idiot could have thought of it… and maybe I did! The number of idiots is increasing in direct proportion to the overall population!

Given the fact that our population continues to grow despite overwhelming scientific evidence suggesting it’s unsustainable, there is exponential possibility for future idiots. Let’s assume that only 1% of the population are idiots, which is likely a low estimation. Two centuries ago, there were about 900 million people on the planet, which works out to roughly 9 million idiots. Today there are about 7 billion, which works out to 70 million idiots! That’s a massive increase in idiocy! These idiots are everywhere, too! They aren’t restricted just to one city, like Ottawa, they’re spread out all over! They’re driving drunk on the roads, stopping in the middle of the walkway at the mall, being president of the United States… it’s idiot madness out there!

We have a predisposition to control our pet population through spaying and neutering, with the logic being that we don’t want to have stray animals running around. Imagine if we applied this same approach to people! This way we wouldn’t have stray humans all over the place, reproducing uncontrollably and being nuisances! Before you get your panties all in a bunch, by “stray humans” I do not mean homeless people. We are all nothing but strays, physically or mentally. We live on a planet with finite resources and area. We have the ability to live peacefully with each other and with nature… but we choose not to. We continue in our habitual ways, possibly due to arrogance and possibly due to ignorance, unwilling to compromise or change. Maybe we’re all idiots, some just have better disguises than others?

Deaf and Dumb by Michael Lagace

Posted on March 21, 2003 at 04h41

So I guess there’s some kind of war going on right now.

I don’t know what to make of this situation. I’m not sure exactly what my position is. I oppose war but I also oppose genocide. In order to “disarm Iraq” and remove Hussein from power, the USA and whatever allies it might have are going to jump headfirst into war.

I can’t say that I support either George Bush or Saddam Hussein’s positions. They’re both incapable of running a country and neither of them are right in any regard. When Hussein came to power, he immediately had every other rival politican executed. That’s only a little worse than buying an election like Bush did. Continued…