I’m here to help. But from your perspective, I’m there to help.

Print and Prepress

For the inexperienced designer, printing can go sideways very quickly, and I’ve been keeping things on track for 16 years. From the software you use to the colours you choose, there are countless reasons a printer might reject your project. Maybe you built it in PowerPoint, maybe your artwork is the wrong size, maybe your folds are off. Whether you’re creating a perfect-bound book with an embossed cover or a simple 3-panel brochure, I can help you get it done without the unnecessary stress that might accompany it. File problems? Technical issues? Is your recto not bleeding, or your folios not creeping? I can help.

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Editing and Proofreading

I have a compulsion to grammar goodly. Typos bother me as much as spinach in my teeth; so let me be your metaphorical floss. I have various options of standards with which to proofread to, such as grammar, editorial review, or all-out no-holds-barred editing. I can help find your voice within your writing while getting out the spinach that might be distracting, allowing you to truly say what you intended.

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Comic Lettering

The letters on a page matter as much as the artwork or the story driving it. Nothing disrupts the reader more than a stunted beat, and any number of things can cause it. Typeface. Leading. Unexpected. Pauses. But when done well, lettering is a beautiful thing, and that’s how I want your comic to appear. For samples, check out my portfolio or any of the comics on this site, ’cause I did ’em all.

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“Michael is amazing. His natural talent and skill aside, he has wonderful ideas, a ton of energy and best of all, he knows which questions to ask to deliver what’s best for the product. A great eye for detail, he often caught mistakes that I had completely missed or hadn’t even thought about it. I know that last comment seems like it might be more about me than him, but believe me, it’s about him.  It’s all about him. Did I mention he’s amazing?”
– Dan Jury, creator of Charge

“Words cannot properly describe how thankful I am for Michael’s help with my dream project, Solar Flare. He taught me things like how to properly structure a story along with providing comprehensive notes and suggestions that went above and beyond the job description of editor. I would turn in a script thinking it was good and after receiving his input, in my opinion, it would go from good to great. No matter if you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran, I would recommend adding Michael to your project.”
– James Haick, creator of Solar Flare