Comic Lettering

I work in Adobe Illustrator. Typically, pages are supplied to me in a preferred image format and I return a final print-ready PDF. Clients may supply their own licensed fonts, otherwise most projects will likely full under free license from various authors, with some exceptions. As part of my Set-up Charge, I provide samples for your approval of fonts and styles before continuing. Other Related Charges may apply for complicated special effects or file problems. Additionally, I also offer Editing and Proofreading services.


– $20 min. Set-up Charge
– $10 per page
– $30 per hour Related Charges (basic logo design, special effects, file problems)

Flat Rates

22 page comic for $250 CAD. Includes Set-up Charge, basic logo design, special effects, and any incidental file problems. (Does not include any additional costs for purchased fonts; see below.)

I offer a free initial consultation to estimate the required work!




1. My preferred image format is a TIFF in CMYK colour mode. Other acceptable formats include PNG, Photoshop, and JPG. Other colour modes such as RGB and LAB may result in extreme colour shifts when printed. High resolution files at a minimum of 300 dpi are strongly recommended.

2. In most cases, there are free fonts available for independent comic creators, but there are also paid alternatives. Upon request, if a font must be purchased, the entire cost of that font (and the license to use it) will be passed along to the client.

3. My default page size for lettering is 16.8275×25.87625¬†cm (6.625×10.1875 inches).