Print and Prepress

For the inexperienced designer, printing can go sideways very quickly, and I’ve been keeping things on track for 16 years. From the software you use to the colours you choose, there are countless reasons a printer might reject your project. Maybe you built it in PowerPoint, maybe your artwork is the wrong size, maybe your folds are off. Whether you’re creating a perfect-bound book with an embossed cover or a simple 3-panel brochure, I can help you get it done without the unnecessary stress that might accompany it. File problems? Technical issues? Is your recto not bleeding, or your folios not creeping? I can help.



Just like when you’re about to fly a plane, your files need to be cleared for takeoff or you may experience turbulence. And just like flying on a plane, a printer will be more than happy to charge you extra for a carry-on. Before you send files to a printer, let me take a peek at them and see if they need some oil. And I can oil them too, but I’ll tell you how much they need first.

Design and Formatting

The thing that I’ve enjoyed most in my career is helping people see their ideas become printed reality. From brochures to buttons, posters to presentation folders, there’s a chance that I’ve seen it all. If it’s on paper, I mean.

I can…
… turn Microsoft Office files into Microsoft Office parties.
… merge your variable mailing data with whatever’s getting mailed.
… make the vague specific. Design-wise.
… create complex dielines for cutting, embossing, varnishes, or just for fun.

Editing and Proofreading

To be honest, I’m probably going to fix any spelling mistakes I find anyway. I’ve just got this itch, you see, and the only thing that can scratch it is proper grammar. I can do simple or extensive editing, so if you think any of your sentences are beaten down, I can probably punch them up for you. Just let me know.

Preferred File Formats

– Adobe InDesign and Illustrator
– Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel)
– any image format
If you have a file outside of these formats, please contact me and maybe we can find a solution together.


– $40 per hour

I offer a free initial consultation to estimate the required work!

Contact me by e-mail at