There are monsters under your bed. Just as you imagined when you were young, they are there, and they are waiting until you fall asleep to gobble you up. Something to be aware of, though, is that the typical Bed Monster is not particularly fond of eating people. At the right time of the season, of course, nothing tastes better than a sweet and sour people pie, but on any other occasion, cookie crumbs or bits of cheese is a much more enjoyable substitute. That was the reason why Little Silas Grumble never went to sleep without first leaving half of his lunch under his bedskirt, and is now also the reason why Big Silas Grumble has an unwanted roommate who simply will not leave. You see, it is Common Knowledge that you’re not supposed to overfeed a Bed Monster. They get very big very quickly and are much too scared to ever leave the bedroom. And it is also Common Knowledge that you must never ask a Bed Monster to leave.

This morning, Silas found his cereal eaten and his milk drank, and in a groggy, angry, foolish haste, yelled at Shoom to get out of his house. Shoom did not like this.

And who knows what an upset Bed Monster might do.