Who knows what I was thinking on that roof, drunk, obviously out of my usual self. It was remarkably easy to get up there. People walked by on the streets, but it was so dark and I crept catlike past the windows. Every room was empty, some had lights on, and I was so tempted to peek. I didn’t resist.

After I jumped back down, we hurried through the alley and onto a side street. We came to a place without lights, maybe a park or a field, somewhere we couldn’t see. All we could hear was the humming of my jacket. We were lost.

We walked towards the nearest light that wasn’t the way we had come. There was no trail that we could see but we walked through the bush anyway. Eventually we made it to our room, and eventually I made it to sleep; but in the morning we still didn’t know what had happened. And still today I wonder how I could have been so completely not myself that night.