I smell some bad voodoo in the air.

I think I need to withdraw myself from the world for awhile… can I do that? If life is a game, can I just say, “Okay – I give up. Good bye.” And walk to the sidelines and become a spectator? Then, when I’m ready to come back into the game, I can just return – no questions asked? What we need in the game of life are replacements. A second string of players that we can just trade off with for when we’re tired of all that comes along with life.

Do you smell the bad voodoo seeping in through the windows of my room?

I think things happen for a reason. At least, I hope they do… otherwise there’s no point to life. I like to believe that life isn’t a long string of completely random and unrelated occurences. I need to talk with a few people… I need to talk to them tonight. I don’t like confrontation, but it has come to my attention that things must become voiced. I don’t want to lose three good friends. And I don’t want to think about who I would choose to remain friends with.

I know you can smell the voodoo now – it’s everywhere. There’s voodoo behind every single word in this entry.

I need to vent to someone. I need to sue someone. Somewhere, at some point in my life, somebody authorized voodoo doll replicas of me. Now they’re all being used. Long, sharp needles are being pushed into every part of every doll owned by everyone.