The very first time that I saw her, we never spoke, and she didn’t notice me. But I noticed her. She was gorgeous, it was impossible not to. We didn’t speak the next time that I saw her, either, but I remembered her from before and, again, she was gorgeous. The third time that I saw her, we spoke. Even her voice was gorgeous, because she chose her words so delicately and put them together so softly.

That day we spoke for hours. She was so elegant in conversation, so undeniably captivating. I remember feeling fortunate when I was with her while the sun went down. I felt that same way when the sun came up.

I picked her up for dinner the following day. Her eyes held something alluring within them. So inviting and exciting and intimate. Afterwards we went for a walk to get to know each other further. Beliefs aligned, interests aligned, ambitions aligned. Everything clicked.



And then she said she wanted to be pals. Not friends. Pals.