Some lessons I learned last night.

With age comes wisdom, with adversity comes triumph, and with patience comes understanding.

Landon Cummings played a good show last night. I was there. I sat in a dirty room with many older people. Many were poor, tired, and alone. They were, for the most part, sick or otherwise unhealthy. They dressed in ragged clothing and seemed dirty. I, on the other hand, was so much better than them. I, with my fancy coat and clean clothes; I, with my clean shaven face and perfect hair; I, with my education and money. Yes, indeed, I was so much better than everyone else there.

And then, I was approached by an older gentleman. We talked. His name was Keith. He was 59 years old. He had stories to tell, and I listened. He was in a band when he was in his twenties – he played the trumpet. He loved music and had a deep passion for it that he didn’t try to hide. He’d travelled around the world and he’d been to many places. He named countries that he’s been to that I didn’t even know existed. For two years of his life, he had even lived in my home town and helped build the road that I travelled on every single day. I could have listened to him for hours.

(With age comes wisdom.)

I walked over and met Keith’s friend Tom. Tom was also interesting to listen to. He also had great stories and also had great questions. He dropped out of University – but encouraged me not to do the same. He’d hitchhiked across the country countless times, met many different people, heard many stories. When Tom was born, his fingers had almost all been deformed. But he never let it upset him. He found other talents that he could take advantage of, and he did.

(With adversity comes triumph.)

I could have listened to them for hours.

(With patience comes understanding.)

I had judged good books by covers.