Herein are various odds and ends of my childhood still sitting in memory.

In the first grade, we had Mad Minute quizzes once a week. Twenty math questions and one minute to do them. During that entire school year, I always came in second, always behind Dayla. Secretly, I often hoped she was sick on these days so that I could come in first.

In the the second grade, my teacher was Madame Bougie. For whatever reason that might come from psychoanalysis of the child I was, I remember once accidentally calling her mom instead of madame. A few classmates laughed at me for this.

My teacher in the third grade, Madame Claire, would choose three students at random who had been working hard in her class. She would take these students to her apartment over lunch hour and make them a nice warm meal. Funny, I don’t think this would be allowed today. But whatever, that was then, nothing bad ever happened from it, and I got some macaroni and cheese out of the deal.

The only thing that comes to mind from fifth grade, apart from this one, is how each classroom had been given a television, and how over lunch we would watch the French channel until the teacher left, then it was always changed to Tiny Toons. When we were finally caught, M. Cuisson let us watch what we wanted. It me also be of interest to note that on the last day of class, he let us watch Terminator 2.