For the ceremony, I was asked to give the welcome to the family speech. Thing was, I didn’t particularly want to welcome him to the family. I didn’t know him that well, and to be honest, time alone with him was usually awkward. I got the impression that he was always trying to fill a role and that his performance wasn’t genuine. How could I welcome this?

I tried writing my speech for months. I had lots of ideas and drafts, but none of them seemed right. None of it was what I could ever really say. Instead of being a speech for him, it was simply him, it wasn’t honest.

The final version was. Sort of. I talked about his efficiency in helping me move, but not how things were broken in the process. I talked about how he helped me fix my car, but not how he’d forgotten to connect a hose. What I joked about was truthful, though it wasn’t quite exact. And he was by my words welcomed into our family, but only so long as he could fill the role.