Almost there. I suspect I should be ready to go live this weekend. Boy am I eager to get this going. There are still a couple things I’m not sure about, things like whether or not to have comments. I want to encourage discussion but I definitely want to weed out the disingenuous remarks. People have a tendency to get quite hostile on some subjects. Especially the ones that I must write about.

I’ve been thinking about my father a lot today.

I had a burst of idea about a new web site, a new side project, that I don’t want to discuss here. Sometimes it feels like I don’t have quite enough energy for every idea I have, but I’m becoming more accustomed to understanding which will benefit me and which won’t. All I want right now is for one of my passions to pay the base of my bills, and if I need a part-time job beyond that, so be it. I just don’t want to be here at this desk the rest of my life. I wouldn’t want to celebrate that at all.