For the past few months, this site’s been the target of repeated attempts to be hacked. I’ve been taking regular measures to try and thwart these attempts, but they seem to be getting more frequent and orchestrated. It seems like the attempts are coming from all over the world, although it may in fact just be one lone gunman masquerading as a rogue pack of stormtroopers.

I’m trying to understand why anyone would want to invade my site. As someone who was fascinated with hacking when I was younger, I know the excitement that comes with the challenge of accessing something you’re not allowed to access. As someone who appreciates the work that white hat networks like Anonymous do, I can identify with the ideal of discovering truth in concealed information or exposing the corruption of certain systems. I can usually wrap my head around most viewpoints even when I don’t necessarily agree with them, but this… I’m not sure I do. What thrill is there in causing me this grief? I’m not some heinous villain plotting against the poor, I’m not some monolithic Corporate juggernaut Hell-bent on global domination. I’m not Shell, or the CIA, Wal-Mart, Halliburton, or Cyril Sneer; I’m just me.

So if you’re reading this and by some chance you’re trying to breach my site, please… just move along? I promise you, there are more justified causes that could you use your attention.

Thank you.