I’m pleased with my focus lately. For years I floated along with no particular direction, writing what came to mind and finding satisfaction in that. Then came a point when I realized that time was passing. With guidance, I began to set out a path for myself, which I believe will lead to a career in creativity. This site is among those steps. Part practice, part exposure, part fun, but entirely focused. I see the end of this path, but if I stray from it, even for a moment, I may lose sight of it forever.

Life isn’t always easy. It used to be, but it wasn’t nearly this meaningful. And now it’s not that life is hard, but the realization of what I must accomplish and the realization that I must do it alone. Hold my own hand, hold my own feet to the fire, hold myself accountable for any more time that passes by.

There are a few things on this site that I’d never properly considered incorporating before. One of those things is comics. Serious comics, like the ones I intend to make a living from, adapted from earlier ideas and interpreted by artists. I’m keeping them brief, for now. Another thing that I’d never considered before is a list of my professional services. It’s funny, but I’d been doing similar things for a decade and it never occurred to me that my skills could benefit anyone else. (They can.)

So this is where it begins, I imagine. With focus. Determination. And opening myself up to any number of possibilities that worried me before. There’s no time for fear, not anymore, because I simply refuse to float any longer. Here I am, and here is this site, and here is what I can do. I hope you enjoy it.