Nowhere else in nature is such impatience found as it is in us. It never used to be this way, probably because we simply didn’t know any better. Now technology has created a demand of instant satisfaction. At any given moment, we hardly have time; it is not on our side, we have turned it against ourselves.

Yesterday, I was on my motorcycle, unable to turn left because of a few stray pedestrians. There was no oncoming traffic, but I hardly felt like either running anyone over, so I waited. The twit behind me honked incessantly, and so I turned back to look at him, pointing out the people I didn’t want to hit. As I turned away from him, he inched his bumper to my back tire and gave me a nudge. Imagine that, someone so put out by these few seconds of waiting, someone so self-important they couldn’t even be bothered to change lanes and go around me.

We often focus on a few things of little importance and inflate it immeasurably in our mind. Listen, the world will wait.