So I guess there’s some kind of war going on right now.

I don’t know what to make of this situation. I’m not sure exactly what my position is. I oppose war but I also oppose genocide. In order to “disarm Iraq” and remove Hussein from power, the USA and whatever allies it might have are going to jump headfirst into war.

I can’t say that I support either George Bush or Saddam Hussein’s positions. They’re both incapable of running a country and neither of them are right in any regard. When Hussein came to power, he immediately had every other rival politican executed. That’s only a little worse than buying an election like Bush did.

I understand that Hussein has been torturing the citizens of Iraq and keeping them in a constant state of fear. I don’t think this is right. I also understand that the United Nations has not been very effective in keeping them in line. When Hussein kicked the UN weapons inspectors out of the country years ago, that should have been more than indicative that something was wrong. Why didn’t this affect the United States then? Some people blame Clinton for that, because he never acted. Neither did the UN. Was it this lack of action that caused this current action against Iraq?

I hate it when people blame September 11th for everything. I have sympathy for the families of the people that died in that attack. I also agreed with Bush that the US should go after the people who designed and carried out the attack. But after Afghanistan was bombed day and night for a year, I just couldn’t tell the bad guys from the good guys. Justice is one thing, but what happened there wasn’t justice. And neither is this attack on Iraq. I don’t believe Bush when he says this war is about freedom and extinguishing terrorism. I don’t believe a lot of what Bush says, because like any politician and any child they’ll say anything to get their way.

I wonder when we’ll know for sure if Iraq has these weapons of mass destruction that Bush claims. If there are weapons of that sort, I personally hope we never have to witness them. In 1999, 36% of all military spending in the world was by the United States. (Link) It’s obvious which nation has the most weapons, so who is going to force them to disarm?

There are problems with the world today. Among them is information. There are so many different sources of information and so many different viewpoints, it’s so hard to choose sides. It’s so hard to cut through the lies and actually be able to make a clear, sound judgement call. Bush tells the world that Iraq has to disarm its weapons of mass destruction or face the consequences. They comply by destroying what may very well be the only weapons they have, short range defensive missiles. Then Bush says that he wants more. Who can honestly say that once Bush removes Saddam Hussein from power, he won’t want more? When is enough finally enough?

France told George Bush that he wouldn’t support the US unless Iraq used chemical weapons. Suddenly France becomes the enemy too, and every American starts buying freedom fries instead of french fries. What the hell is going on in people’s minds these days? There’s a reason why France won’t join Bush’s one-sided agenda, and that’s because there is no concrete evidence that Iraq has the weapons that Bush claims. Sure, there’s a lot of heresay and speculation, but no weapons have turned up. France has essentially said they don’t believe Bush but if it turns out that he is right they will help. How is that wrong?

It’s like people don’t think at all anymore. Not that I blame them. Most countries would rather spend money on weapons than their children’s education. Which makes a lot of sense, because it’s easier to stay in power when the people are deaf and dumb.