It’s been fiercely frustrating having conversations about animal rights lately. I have been offering myself to answer questions that friends might have, expecting to be asked about protein sources and such. But what I’ve found is that most of my otherwise rational and compassionate friends simply do not get it. While there are some genuine questions, the most frequent are ridiculous. What about insects, are they animals? What about plants, aren’t they alive? What’s wrong with eggs, and cheese, and milk, animals aren’t killed for that?

Vegans are scary. We must be, people treat us with such hostility. I believe this is because vegans expose society’s bad habits… and people don’t want to feel badly about their bad habits.

I do not practice veganism to be perfect, I do it to be a better person. For me, it’s to be a better person than I was; if you think I do it to be a better person than you, that’s a reflection of you, not me.

Someone said, “I’m not going to stop eating meat. You’re wasting your time, so why bother?” This person has not given animal consumption any thought. They are settled into a habit that they have never questioned. They don’t want to be reminded of the suffering caused for their pleasure, the health problems they are creating. For whatever reason, they don’t want to break the cycle of ignorance. They don’t even want to bend it. And to the question, why bother, I give this answer: because it absolutely breaks my heart.